Well It Works On My Machine

One of the things I always forget about is accessibility and defaults. After advertising my open source project, I was reminded of these things. People sent screenshots of ThiefMD with unusable header bars and white on white menus and dialogs. The Gtk Theme I use made ThiefMD look super cool on my machine. Users had a different experience.

Lessons Learned From Being a Thief

Not too much time has passed, but with staying inside due to COVID-19 and the Washington Wildfires, I’ve been making a lot of progress on my markdown editor app. This week I added Theme Support, Library Organization, Library Export, and possibly some other stuff.

I initially stole forked a project called Quilter. Quilter’s user experience is great, and I would compare it to iA Writer on macOS. I realized one of the applications I missed the most was Ulysses, and wanted something more like that.

Switching from macOS to Ubuntu has mostly been okay. My main reason for leaving was the laptop keyboard design 😝. As a software developer, a lot of applications I use are already cross-platform. Applications for “creatives” seems lacking in the Linux world. elementary OS is fixing that, but I like feature bloat.

I initially sent pull requests for my code changes into Quilter, but I really wanted to do some changes that would take the app in another direction. Thus, ThiefMD was born…

But here’s a brain dump of thoughts on how we got here…

My new computer internals

A few years ago, I switched to a Dell XPS 13 as my laptop. At the time, it was more powerful than my desktop. This wasn’t an issue, but now that I’m working from home, my desktop is feeling a little week.

I upgraded my 2014 desktop this weekend from an Intel i5 to an AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT. What was supposed to be “just a processor and motherboard” upgrade turned into so much more…

On Fear of Open Source

It might sound dumb, but open source terrifies me. I love reading about people suffering from impostor syndrome. I’m also pretty sure that’s why I write a blog post about once every 2 years.

With open source, I have no clue how the licenses work… I created a fork of an open source markdown editor, and took parts of other open source code to make it work how I want. School taught me how to put software together, but I don’t think it ever taught me how to deal with licenses and open source.

The original license is GPLv3. So most of that is okay, but for the preview, I am using MIT Licensed CSS. So while I try to figure out open source licensing and deal with my solitary confinement, let me tell you the story of the Markdown editor I wanted to keep just for myself.

Back to Xubuntu

A while ago, I switched back to Windows so I could play video games… While I enjoyed playing video games, one thing I missed was the integration of so many languages and the operating system. So now, I’m back on Xubuntu.

This time, I put in a little more effort for finding apps I’ll be using and creating a nice look and feel. I’m documenting it, both to share, and in case I screw something up really bad.